What some of the Members say about STW

This is an excellent site if your looking for larger scale RC tanks 1/4 and 1/6 . Also supports the 1/16 range to. Professional advice and help with all aspects of the RC tank range what ever scale. Im a 1/16 fan but have ventured to 1/6 but not armor just yet. I have put several of my 1/16 builds on here , And my 1/6 figures . Theres plenty of advice and information freely available to people new to RC tanks and vetrans a like.

Andy (Littletankman)

Я полностью согласен с Энди. Данный сайт не похож на остальные. Он становится больше похож на энциклопедию и не важно есть ли у вас модель танка или нет, профессионал вы или новичок, здесь можно найти очень много полезной информации.
I totally agree with Andy. This site does not look like any other. It becomes more like an encyclopedia and it does not matter whether you have a model of the tank or not, you're a pro or a beginner, you can find a lot of useful information.


Mats love the site. Has lots of reference material.

I am into 1/16 myself as I have not the room or finances for the larger scales. Besides my aircraft fill the roof of my shed and half the bench space.
Maybe 1 day if I win the lotteries vladimir will get some orders. :( Sigh

All of the above , :D and more , Mats and the gang are all friendly , helpful guys . As the site grows it will surely become even better and deserves to become very popular with enthusiasts from all over . B .