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Author Topic: M14/41  (Read 1018 times)


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« on: March 09, 2012, 01:20:06 PM »

Carro Armato M 14/41 medium tanks entered production in 1941. Although these tanks had their own distinct designation, they were actually an improved version of the predecessor M13/40, equipped with more powerful engines. They first saw action in North Africa; Italian tank crews reported the interior spaces as cramped, and the mechanical work as unreliable. After the Italian forces withdrew from North Africa, M14/41 tanks were used only in rear areas as they were considered obsolete in the face of more modern Allied tanks. A small number of captured examples were briefly pressed into service by British and Australian troops.

The M14/41 tanks shared the same chassis with the Italian Semovente 90/53 self-propelled guns.

During the design's production life, about 800 M14/41 tanks were produced.



Machinery   One SPA 15-TM-40 8-cyl gasoline engine rated at 125hp
Suspension   Vertical volute spring
Armament   1x47mm gun, 1x8mm coxial Modello 38 machine gun, 1x8mm flexible Modello 38 machine gun
Armor   6-42mm
Crew   4
Length   4.92 m
Width   2.20 m
Height   2.38 m
Weight   14.0 t
Speed   32 km/h
Range   200 km
Ref, Master Russian Tank´s & Armor
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