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Author Topic: Elefant, bulldog, panther F, taigen/merit late tiger. Submarine  (Read 1370 times)


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Due to an accidental Ebay purchase ( don't ask) I need to sell some stuff to make room.

I have for sale the following:

Henglong walker bulldog, brand new in box. This has an rx-18 and nylon gearboxes ablnd tracks. I've had it out to test, all functions seem ok (even the smoker!). I've not tested the air soft but ill check it's working if the buyer requests.

After 35 plus postage

Next up is my elefant:

This is a half finished project That's begging for some one to complete. Once completed this will be mechanically one of the best elefants out there, and combine the robust asiatam running gear with the hoobens detail and Chris ludwigs aluminium lower hull.

Included in the sale is the following:

Hooben elefant minus running gear. Painted to a good standard.
One pair of Tamiya gearboxes
One pair of schumo gear reductions
Henglong strobe flash (pre wired into the barrel)
Chris ludwigs aluminium chassis
Asiatam sprockets and idlers
Asiatam suspension and wheels
Asiatam metal tracks

Required to finish the build are a pair of drive shafts (Nigel has made these in the past). You will also have to attach the boogies to the lower hull. This has been left upto the builder but Edwin on here has done a few of these and has been very helpful answering my questions to date.

There's a good 600 of gear here. I'm after 350

Panther F:

here's what it used to look like:

http://www.precision-panzer.moonfruit.c ... 4541214578

Now it's had quite a lot of work done, cosmetically I've added a drivers night vision site and it now has the correct panther f hatches. I've also got a set of side skirts which I haven't added yet.
It uses the asiatam panter f kit with metal barrel

Mechanically it has the following upgrades:
Hentec detailed idler adjuster
Asiatam metal wheels and metal suspension
Stronger springs
Asiatam hi grade metal tracks
Tamiya gearboxes with speed 480 motors.
Asiatam Metal idlers (with bearings) and sprockets
Clark tk22 pan

I've also removed the battery box for more room internally and I've modifided the recoil so it's ready to add a servo (although I've not done this). There is also the clark tbu base and hi power it led kit included.
All you need to finish this is two servos and probably replace the HL speaker. There are extra AA armour plates to protect the vents on the rear deck, but they're not currently fitted, I also have all the hubs for the sprockets and wheels, again not fitted. If required I can finish the model to match the existing colours if required

All this cost over 450 so I'm after about 300

I also have a taigen late tiger with the merit static tiger top to make an excellent late tiger. If anyone's interested in this ill post full details.
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